VAN HALEN espresso, steamed milk, vanilla and hazelnut syrup. This is truly a fan favorite. #EVH4EVER
THE DOLLY espresso and steamed milk meet red raspberry and white Ghirardelli chocolate in this beautiful concoction.
PURPLE HAZE espresso and steamed milk, white chocolate, lavender, hazelnut. This delicate blend is all that one could hope for.
THE JOHNNY CASH we don't walk the line with this one - a cup of your favorite brew with a shot of espresso!
THE STEVIE a lavender London fog - steamed milk of your choice with our robust Earl Grey tea.
ESPRESSO ain't no B.S. here - give me the caffeine!
32 BREW ice cream + chocolate drizzle + espresso shots on top. O.M.G.
CAPPUCCINO steamed milk and espresso dancing together in one beautiful chorus line. 
AMERICANO Hot water and shots of our dark espresso roast are sure to get you singin'
MACCHIATO steamed milk of your choice on bottom with shots on top. Like wearing nice hat to a fancy party. 
LATTE we can add ANY flavor to your latte - which is shots of espresso for foundation and steamed milk to the lid!
ICED LATTE ice cubes are for everyone!
LOOSE LEAF TEA we've got quite the assortment of loose leaf teas - we have samples of all of them at the register!
CHAI TEA nothing gives you the feeling of a warm hug like a spiced chai. Ours is made in haus!
THE ELVIS SMOOTHIE - peanut butter and 'nana, lil' momma! With a bit of mocha added in for sweetness!
THE BRITNEY SMOOTHIE - Oops I did it again! Spilled the strawberries, raspberries and blackberries together!  
THE GAGA SMOOTHIE - Mango and Peach were born to sing in harmony - cuz baby they were born that way!
ADD PANDA MARIE SMOOTHIE - want a kick of protein with low carb? Ask to add Panda Marie Powder to any smoothie!
BREWED COFFEE for the classy folks. 
FRENCH PRESS freshly ground coffee, slowly pressed into hot water and served with love. 
POUR OVER freshly ground coffee, gently braided with hot water and made to order. Try any of our *for sale* beans this way!
CAFE AU LAIT half coffee half steamed milk - consistent and wonderful. 
HOT CHOCOLATE this isn't just for the holidays, baby! Great for kiddos who want "coffee"
ITALIAN CREAM SODA San Pellegrino mixed with the syrup of your choice (we suggest the raspberry), topped with a bit of Hansen's heavy cream- heaven.

BE SURE TO STOP IN - we do specials every week!